Our 5-Step Process

  1. Understanding Your Requirements

Unqualified or unmotivated candidates waste your precious interview time. In order to be most effective in identifying and pre-qualifying candidates, it is imperative that we first acquire a wealth of information about your organization and your specific requirements. Typically we ask that you furnish us with the following information:

  • Educational background
  • Years of experience
  • Technical experience / area of expertise
  • Personality Style
  • Management experience and/or capabilities
  • Salary range
  • Functional job description
  • Selling information – In order to effectively market your opportunity, we will require information about the position and your company that would be deemed attractive and would provide the incentive for a prospective candidate to join your firm.
  1. The Search

Our search is made by systematically identifying and approaching as many viable prospects as possible, which is accomplished through:

  1. a) Direct Recruitment. We call every company in your sphere and disciplines and we methodically source out the candidate. This skill is a “Lost Art” and sets Sterling Consulting Group apart from our competition. Happy productive highly skilled individuals are not actively looking and need to be contacted directly.
  2. b) Networking – among people within the industry holding an identical or similar position to the one being filled. Many, if not qualified or uninterested in considering a move, are more than happy to refer us to others whom they feel would qualify, and who may be receptive to a change.
  3. c) Confidentiality – is maintained throughout the process for the protection of our client’s interests. Only those candidates, who we assess to be a match to your criteria and who are sincere in their willingness to move, are made aware (in strict confidence) of the name of the client company we are representing.
  4. Selection and Pre-screening

After identifying a target candidate, we will further evaluate their candidacy using your criteria. At this juncture, we will focus on determining their possible motivation toward making a change and the nature of the position and opportunity they would be seeking in order to do so. We believe that this is absolutely essential, to ensure that you do not waste your time interviewing unqualified candidates or those who are “window shopping” or responding out of curiosity, yet unlikely to move.

Once we have pre-qualified their interest and have determined that they would be considered a viable candidate, we will submit to you their profile, along with our report including: salary level and expectations, motivation, career aspirations, and more, for your evaluation.

  1. Interviewing

Once you have decided to meet with our candidate either in person or initially over the phone, we will coordinate the scheduling and confirmation of appointments. After each interview, we will debrief the candidate to gauge their level of interest. We will subsequently brief you in on the candidate’s impressions.

Our ongoing intermediary role will ensure yours’ and the candidate’s time and effort, are fully worthwhile.

  1. The Hiring Process

Detailed references will be provided to verify our candidate’s credentials and capabilities. We will then, as required, assist in the mediation of an offer.

As a third party intermediary, we are able to play an integral and invaluable role throughout the entire interview and hiring process – serving as a kind of sounding board or “buffer zone” between both parties so as to ensure that mutual expectations (financial and otherwise) are reasonable and are in accord with what each is capable of providing.

We can thus ensure that any reasonable offer you make has every likelihood of being accepted with the level of enthusiasm and excitement a formal offer of employment ought to invoke in a new employee who is setting out to embark upon a new career path within your organization.

In this regard, we encourage you to take full advantage of our unique position as a third party observer and facilitator.

Lastly, we prepare for…

The Counter Offer!

As you well know, significant life change and career decision making is not always an easy process to go through. It can be said that “the easiest decision to make is always the one that involves the least amount of change.”

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