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As a third party consultancy, we are in the unique position of being able to access and approach those individuals who would otherwise be inaccessible through conventional avenues such as classified advertising, internal referral or word of mouth.

These high caliber performers who are ranked among the very best at what they do, being actively and gainfully employed, are unlikely to be found responding to employment ads in the newspaper or on the Internet. Neither can it be expected that such people would make it known amongst their peers or to their clients (or to their employers) that they are dissatisfied with their present position and are open to making a change.

There is nothing however, that prevents us as a third party from systematically identifying and approaching these people directly and then discreetly eliciting their potential motivation to make a change for the right opportunity.  More often than not, we discover that there are always one or more among those within what we call our “search universe” who both have all the requisite qualifications and capabilities that our client is seeking AND who ARE in fact motivated, even highly motivated, for a legitimate reason, to make a change.

Given our unique position, we are also able to provide our client with crucial information regarding our candidate’s motivations, concerns, and expectations, that might be more difficult to determine in a typical interview between an employer and a prospective employee.

Essentially, what differentiates our approach and methodology, is that when conducting our search, we do not rely on merely drawing from a “resume bank” or mining an existing data base of contacts. We don’t advertise in the newspaper or sift through respondents to multiple job postings on the Internet. We are not a resume service. We’re not merely clerical and administrative workers operating within a data base information management environment, thinking and dealing primarily in terms of resumes, key word searches, and numbers.

We are Recruiters.  Headhunters.  That’s our job. It’s what we do. And we take a great deal of Corporate pride in being very good at it. As you yourself know well, being a professional at what you do – rendering a truly great service requires of the professional that at the very least, they must be considered among the very best at what they do.

As a Corporate Executive Search firm, as “Headhunters” – We conduct each search from the ground up, casting a tight net strategically around the search universe, and then, by systematically identifying and approaching each and every prospective candidate within it, almost no stone will be left unturned in our pursuit of the very best people who are “out there” amongst your competitors (targeted within a specific industry sector, discipline, and region of the country).

If unable to identify the ideal candidate within that “realm”, we will subsequently expand our search in increasing concentric spheres of geographic proximity until your position has been successfully filled.

Our relentless perseverance combined with your ongoing cooperation and unwavering commitment to see the position filled with the right individual are, in our experience, the crucial ingredients in the recipe for our mutual success.

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In summary, we provide a full retained service, second to none, on a contingency fee basis.

The only thing that we require “up front” and throughout the process, in return for our efforts, are our client’s complete cooperation, their commitment to interview our candidates, and the decisiveness to hire upon seeing the right individual.

We will do the rest, freeing you to direct your time and energy toward pursuing your organizational goals and objectives.

“Great service is like good theater.”    ~James Hillman, “Kinds of Power”

To render a great service effectively however, requires of the recipient that they be willing to sit back, relax, and enjoy the show.

Welcome, to the Sterling Consulting Group selected group of preferred clients!

We will do everything within our power, to win over and to build your customer loyalty, one placement at a time.

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