Mission Statement

At Sterling Consulting Group, our aim is to achieve excellence in everything we do, both individually and collectively. To realize this aim, we are firmly committed to the following 5 core values and principles:

Continuous Improvement

Through comprehensive and continual training and development of our growing staff of recruitment consultants and research specialists, we will employ and utilize the best practice techniques and methods as taught by the leading industry practitioners and trainers, to the attainment of a level of mastery of our job that is second to none in our industry.

Our motto – “We Build Success by Placing People First.”

People are what drive the success of any business, and, since we are in the business of placing people, we will build success, both yours and our own, by placing people first.

What this means, aside from the speed of service we intend to deliver, is that we recognize the supreme value of the each person’s own unique set of priorities, whether from the perspective of a hiring authority in pursuit of their organizational goals and objectives, or that of a candidate in search of a highly rewarding career path, along with the necessity to help generate win/win/win scenarios that honor the mutual best interests of all parties involved.

We will treat each person with whom we interact, including one another, with the utmost professionalism, dignity and respect. In doing so, we will empower, encourage, and support people, ourselves included, to make decisions and take actions that advance our continued growth and success where it may be said that the standard of our success is measured by yours.

To do what is right, regardless of the circumstances.

This is not a mere platitude, but the very cornerstone and foundation of our Corporate Civility or Ethos, defined functionally as: Consciously motivated organizational behavior that is ethical in submission to the principal of doing what is right, without compromise.

Work smart AND hard.

In recognition that the job of the Corporate Recruiter is one of the most difficult and challenging of vocations, we are firmly committed, both individually, and collectively, to making the best possible use of our training, energy, resources and time management to achieve desired outcomes. This feat of high performance will be consistently achieved through a combination of strategic planning and the systematic and efficient execution of that plan.

By doing this, we will meet and even exceed the expectation of our Clients, the result of which our own success will be assured.

Have fun!

By successfully meeting, head on, the challenge presented by our profession, and by continually striving to achieve an ever-higher level of mastery and excellence in all our actions and interactions, we will realize and experience the sheer joy and satisfaction, including the financial reward, that comes from a job well done.