Changing Companies -Your New Career Path


It has been said that “the easiest decision to make is the one that involves the least amount of change”.

At the Sterling Group, we understand and empathize, with the difficulties and challenges our candidates often face when it comes to leaving the known, for the unknown.  To minimize the degree of risk involved in what amounts to a critical life decision, and to assist you in your evaluative decision making process, our job, is to arm you, with as much information as possible upon which you can then make the most informed and objective decision possible.

At a critical stage in the interview and hiring process, you may very well reach a “fork in the road”, where a decision will be required, with either choice having far reaching consequences. It is at this juncture, in order so that you are not being “sold” into accepting the position and are entirely free to make the best and the most informed choice for yourself, that we will get out of the way and provide the space to allow you to make that important choice, based solely upon what you truly believe is best for you. We merely ask that you consider all options and possibilities, and all information, whether for or against, with an open mind free from a subjective bias (or as much as possible) due to fear of change, or heartfelt feelings of loyalty to your present boss or colleagues, however understandable and normal such fears and feelings are to have under the circumstances.  While the easiest decision may be the one that involves the least amount of change, it’s not necessarily the best one.  If when standing at that critical juncture and point of decision, you know in your heart, perhaps even now in advance, that tendering your resignation would represent an insurmountable obstacle to change at this time, then perhaps the timing might not be right in your career life, and the exploration of new opportunities, a future pursuit.  Either way, we welcome the opportunity, to work with you, both now, and/or in the future, to realize our mutual success!

It should be pointed out that in the experience of our candidates, the very moment that they finish tendering a resignation, having formally accepted a new position, any feelings of trepidation, or apprehension that they may have once had, generally turn into the overall impression of experiencing a newfound sense of bright optimism, excitement, anticipation, and even joy, at the prospect of the new opportunity with their new employer.

Our greatest joy, aside from being in receipt of the fee for your successful placement, resides in hearing from you, on how thrilled you are to be making the change, or, once in the new job, how well things are going for you and for your new employer. Nothing makes us happier as successful placement consultants, than a satisfied customer, on both sides of the placement.

Send us your resume today, and tell us what you are looking for. A career opportunity of a lifetime may await.