Meeting Our Client / Interviewing

Our clients ask of us that we discern for them, and differentiate from the pack, those individuals who have a deep and burning desire to get something substantial accomplished, that they are not getting the opportunity to realize where they are. Thus, the level of enthusiasm and preparedness, with which you approach a meeting with a prospective employer (our client hiring manager), can largely determine not only the scope of the position, it’s future potential and salary considerations, but whether you come away from the experience remaining in the decision-making “drivers seat” as the preferred candidate of choice. We thus advise our candidates, when prepping them for an interview, to utilize every opportunity to effectively communicate their greatest assets and the value they bring, with the object of the whole exercise, ideally resulting in the prospective employer being left convinced, that you are indeed the best person for the job and the one they want to hire, thus placing the ball squarely in your court, to evaluate for yourself if it represents the right move for you.

Third Party Intermediary – Your Inside Track

As a third party intermediary, we are uniquely positioned to provide you with invaluable insight and feedback, throughout the interview and hiring process, which would not otherwise be possible absent our involvement. From the first interview, to the final offer, we will continue to provide valuable information exchange as needed, to best facilitate a smooth transition for both parties. If an ideal match is not made, our third party role will quickly serve to save precious time and energy on behalf of all parties, and greater insight may be gathered in the process as a standard by which a future successful match can be made.

All we ask, when meeting with our client, is that you do the best you can, and be yourself. If you are somewhat uncertain as to the best approach, your Wood West consultant will be more than happy to furnish you with a variety of preparatory interview tips and tricks, to help you be at your best, and where possible, to realize a favorable outcome.

Welcome, as a member of our network of preferred Sterling Group Consulting candidates!

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