Qualifying and Evaluation

Although your resume is a valuable tool, and a necessary one for our purpose, our primary emphasis, when evaluating you as a prospective Wood West candidate, will be placed on getting to the root of your “career story” or history, within the framework of your successes, and learning experiences, the aim being to correctly discern, in consultation with you, what the next “chapter” in your story ought to look like, based upon everything that has transpired to date, all the way up to the present moment. We will then ask you to “hand carve” for us, your next position, and where it may lead, and to define for us your “Utopian Job Opportunity” (within reason). And while we cannot promise Utopia by any means, at least once we know what it is, and what it looks like for you, then in sharing in your vision, we can seek out on your behalf, something at least approaching it or mimicking it in a fundamental way.

Things like skills and background, education, job description, etc., this information is of course crucial, and serves as the determination of one’s peer-level value in the marketplace, and they are easily documented in the form of a resume.

What we are MOST interested in, however, is what makes you really leap out of bed in the morning and head off to work for another day, enthralled, with the exciting new challenges and new opportunities emerging, and immersed, with dedication and devotion, in the realization of an evolving set of goals and targets. What drives you, and gives you the highest degree of satisfaction in doing what you do? Once we know what that is, what we call your “hot button”, then we will know precisely what to look for, and by understanding your concerns, even within your present position, what to avoid.


Your profile, what we call a CPS (candidate profile summary) will be comprised primarily of your greatest value-added accomplishments, along with the STORY of your professional growth and development (what you bring to the table) and how that story points towards the NEXT step in a logical progression, capable of yielding even greater accomplishments, yet to be made, with your next employer. That is what sells, and the resume is simply not sufficient to encapsulate those valuable marketing “bullets”. In this regard, we encourage many candidates to actively participate in the formulation of their Candidate Profile Summary (CPS), since that is what we will ultimately use in making our formal introduction, where first impressions count.

Welcome, as a member of our network of preferred Sterling Group candidates!

Send us your resume today, and tell us what you are looking for. A career opportunity of a lifetime may await..


What do you have to offer your next employer?

From the future, looking back, upon your first year’s anniversary with them, what kind of value added contribution do you think you will have made to their company? On anniversary two, three, and five years out, what do you believe you can accomplish?

What do you think makes you stand out from among your peers, and what are you the very best at?

How would you sell yourself to a prospective employer if you were in our shoes as the “Headhunter” talking with a hiring manager?

What is your “hot button” and what REALLY motivates you job wise? What can we find for you that you would really want to pursue with the utmost excitement and enthusiasm upon getting the call and hearing about it?