At Sterling Consulting Group Inc., we recognize, as do our clients, that the most valuable resource of any company, is its human resource, namely, YOU.

If you are a professional who truly excels at what they do, and are considered by your peers to rank among the very best in your area of expertise or discipline, then you are the caliber of individual we are seeking on behalf of our clients, whether it be for an existing search assignment with a specific set of requirements, or, as a long sought after high performer within a high demand market sector.

Our purpose and objective, when entering into a working relationship with you as a selected member of the Sterling Consulting Group family of candidates, is to become your “career agent” of choice.  Even in the event that you are not positioned for growth and change at the time of our call, or upon getting referred to us through a friend or colleague who felt that our service would prove beneficial for your continued career progression – we nevertheless have a keen interest, in fully understanding your unique set of skills, capabilities, and, most importantly, your career aspirations, so that when the timing IS right, we can be of service to you in facilitating the next step up in your career progression.

In our experience, timing is everything, and therefore, at Sterling Consulting Group, we are sensitive to the issue of timing in your career life, as well as the unique set of criteria by which a strong match can be made, not only in terms of the specific requirements of the client companies we represent, but even more importantly, relative to your own personal and professional goals and aspirations. We believe this is absolutely essential in order to create a win/win/win scenario through which the mutual best interests of all parties involved may be served. In the final analysis, you must be satisfied and happy, as you embark upon your new career path with our client, in order for the placement to have been deemed a success, in hindsight, by all involved. In this way your success translates directly into our success, as well as that of the client companies we represent, who, being satisfied and happy with you and with your contribution, are sure to come back to us time and again, for repeat business.